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What the Sport Fish and Boating Magazines say about ReadyCleat®

BoatingLife - "Your cleats are in the wrong place, but you have rod holders a couple of feet forward, right? Drop this sturdy rustproof ReadyCleat® in the rod holder and hang a fender where you need it. Essentials: $19.95."

Southern Boating - "So simple it's genius."

Coastal Fisherman - " A portable cleat for the many times a boater needs to be able to set out a fender quickly to keep their boat away from the dock."

Big Game Fishing Journal - "A portable device that's designed to be used anywhere there's an existing rod holder on a boat".

Sea Magazine - " Your rod holder doesn't usually get much action while the boat's docked. It's time to put it to good use with ReadyCleat®."

Florida Sportfishing - "So simple, it's smart. Allows the boater the option of quickly attaching a fender for docking, and easily stored when not in use."




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